Explore Fundamentals of Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair, Second Edition

Explore Fundamentals of Automotive Technology, Second Edition

Netflix Film features CDX's Commercial Vehicle Systems

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #48: Kahoot! Quizzes - Automatic Transmission and Transaxle

CDX Distance Learning #47: Engine Performance Case Studies

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #46: Kahoot! Quizzes - Engine Repair

Distance Learning Tips for Success: Goals and Assessment

CDX Distance Learning #45: Clutch Operation

CDX Distance Learning #44: Metric Brake Drum Inspection

CDX Distance Learning #43: Circuit Tracing

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #42: Kahoot! Quizzes - Air Conditioning

Distance Learning Tips for Success: Instructor Support

CDX Distance Learning #41: Power Steering Systems 2

CDX Distance Learning #40: Multiple Countershaft Powerflow

Distance Learning Tips for Success: Consistent Communication

CDX Distance Learning #39: Fuel Trim Diagnosis

CDX Distance Learning #38: Tire Identification and Sizing

CDX Distance Learning #37: Metric Brake Rotor Measurement

CDX Distance Learning #36: Engine Performance Diagnostic Scenarios

CDX Distance Learning #35: Power Steering Systems 1

CDX Distance Learning #34: Planetary Gear Set

CDX Distance Learning #33: Engine Component Failure Identification

CDX Distance Learning #32: Drum Inspection

Distance Learning Tips for Success: Embracing Video Conferencing

CDX Distance Learning #31: Advanced Starter Circuit Diagnosis – Part 2

CDX Distance Learning #30: Gear Ratio Calculations

CDX Distance Learning #29: Drive Axle Service

CDX Distance Learning #28: Starter Circuit Diagnosis – Part 1

CDX Distance Learning #27: Fuel System Test

CDX Distance Learning #26: Suspension Inspection

CDX Distance Learning #25: Charging System Testing and Diagnosis

CDX Distance Learning #24: DTC Activity

CDX Distance Learning #23: Horn Circuit Fault 1-9

CDX Distance Learning #22: Oxygen Sensor & Fuel Trim Inspection

CDX Distance Learning #21: Ohm’s Law/Electrical Testing

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #20: Kahoot! Quizzes - Braking Systems

CDX Distance Learning #19: DIN Wiring Diagram Diagnostics

CDX Distance Learning #18: Engine Mechanical Testing

CDX Distance Learning #17: Vehicle Inspection

CDX Distance Learning #16: Brake Diagnostic Scenarios Presentation

CDX Distance Learning #15: Discussion Forum- ASE 0

CDX Distance Learning #14: Alignment Angle Inspections

CDX Distance Learning #13: DMM Experiments, Part II

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #12: Kahoot! Quizzes - Steering and Suspension

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #11: HVAC Component Identification Presentation

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #10: Battery Load Test

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #9:  Precision Measuring—Valves and Pistons

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #8: DMM Experiments, Part I

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #7: Composite Vehicle Diagnosis

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #6: Service Information Challenge

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #5: Brake Inspection and Service

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #4: Disc Brake Rotor Measurement

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CDX Distance Learning Exercise #3: Relay Circuits

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #2: HVAC Assignment

CDX Distance Learning Exercise #1: 60K Service

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What Students Should Know About Servicing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

What’s New in Fundamentals of Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair, Second Edition

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