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Do Your Automotive Students Know How to Work as a Team?

Posted by Cassie Wright on Nov 4, 2019 1:45:00 PM

In the classroom, students are usually judged on their individual ability to successfully learn new material. They rely on their own know-how and self-discipline for everything from studying to passing tests.

But with such an intense focus on individual performance, how can students develop the skills needed to work as part of a team?

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Topics: Curriculum, Soft Skills

Are You Teaching These Communication Skills in Your Automotive Class?

Posted by Cassie Wright on Oct 14, 2019 2:00:00 PM

As an instructor, your goal is to make sure your students are fully prepared for future employment. When it comes to working with today’s vehicles, that includes helping students learn plenty of important, technical skills.

But how well are your students prepared to interact with customers, co-workers, and supervisors?

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Topics: Curriculum, Soft Skills

Top Reasons to Teach Employability Skills in Your Automotive Classroom

Posted by Cassie Wright on Sep 25, 2019 2:06:00 PM

What do your students need to succeed as skilled technicians?

You might be quick to list a series of technical skills, but what about employability skills?

Employability skills, also known as “job-keeping skills” are overlooked in many programs. However, they can often mean the difference between a student who successfully transitions into new position and one who can’t seem to land or keep a job in the industry.

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Topics: Curriculum, Soft Skills

Need Help? Check Out the CDX Training Library!

Posted by Cassie Wright on Sep 11, 2019 1:48:00 PM

Do you know how to customize your online CDX course or use the gradebook? Do you want to make sure your students know how to log in and redeem an access code?

No matter what courseware you rely on and how you use it to enhance your classroom, you may have questions about things like logging into your account and submitting tasksheets. Most importantly, though, do you know where to go when you need quick or detailed answers to these questions? 

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Topics: CDX Support

Tips on Teaching Automotive HVAC Safety

Posted by Cassie Wright on Aug 28, 2019 1:23:00 PM

Your students don’t like reading about regulations, but that doesn’t mean they can ignore or forget about them. As an instructor, you already understand how important it is to follow safety rules and procedures in the shop, but it can be difficult to get your students interested in the less exciting parts of the job. 

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Topics: Safety, HVAC

What Students Should Know About Servicing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Posted by Cassie Wright on Aug 13, 2019 2:08:00 PM

With the increasing popularity and availability of hybrid and electric vehicles, it’s almost inevitable that your students will encounter them during their careers as automotive technicians. However, servicing these vehicles can come with its own challenges, especially regarding safety. 

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Topics: Safety, LV or MLR Online

What’s New in Fundamentals of Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair, Second Edition

Posted by Cassie Wright on Aug 5, 2019 2:01:00 PM

The second edition of Fundamentals of Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair is here! Are you wondering what new things you can expect from this updated and expanded version? 

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Topics: Curriculum, LV or MLR Online

Is Electrical Safety a Priority for Your Students?

Posted by Cassie Wright on Jul 30, 2019 2:18:00 PM

From shop equipment to high-tech vehicle systems, learning how to safely work with electrical systems and equipment is a fundamental skill for today’s automotive students. As an instructor, you know electrical safety is no joke, since students could be injured or killed quickly from working unsafely. You also know that as your students learn, it’s likely they’ll forget a few things. But how do you ensure that the worst thing they forget is their homework, instead of important safety precautions? 

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Topics: Safety

CDX Customers: Your New Online Courses Are Ready

Posted by Cassie Wright on Jul 23, 2019 2:54:00 PM

Have you checked out your new CDX Online courseware? 

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Topics: Fundamentals of Automotive Technology ONLINE, Curriculum, Instructors, CDX Support, LV or MLR Online

What’s New in Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems, 2nd Edition?

Posted by Cassie Wright on Jul 17, 2019 1:54:00 PM

The latest edition of Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems is here!

Wondering what there is to look forward to in the second edition? Not only has it been updated to align with the latest ASE Medium-Heavy Truck Program Standards, the second edition includes six new chapters that reflect the most up-to-date technological innovations in medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. 

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Topics: Curriculum, Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems