CDX Customers: Have You Heard the News?

Posted by Cassie Wright on Jun 25, 2019 3:48:00 PM
Cassie Wright


Our brand-new e-learning platform is here! 

We want to make sure you have the latest updates in preparation for your automotive courses. During the next couple months, we’ll be providing details for instructors and students on what to expect during the move to the new CDX Online platform. This means our current customers should expect some important e-mails regarding

  • Access to the new platform
  • Course IDs 
  • Support resources and guides

If you haven’t checked your inbox lately, here’s the latest: 


What do you need to know?

We’re beginning the process of granting student access to the new CDX Online platform.

For instructors, depending on the CDX curriculum you teach, you should be aware of the process for granting student access.

Students should look out for any e-mails regarding CDX Online access and setting up an account if necessary.

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If you’re a current Fundamentals of Automotive Technology (FAT) Online user:

All students enrolled in FAT Online will automatically be granted access to the new platform and courses.

During the week of July 8th, student user accounts on will be populated with each of the FAT2e 9 ASE courses in preparation for enrollment into their assigned courses.


If you’re a current Light Vehicle (LV) or Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) Online user:

Based on the current subscription, each school’s primary contact will receive access codes for all students and staff from the Jones & Bartlett customer service team.

Each student and adjunct must redeem an access code at Those with existing CDX user accounts should redeem the access code within their current accounts. Anyone without an existing account on the CDX website must create a new CDX user account to redeem their access code.

Click here for detailed guides on redeeming an access code and creating an account. 


What comes next?

Once students have access, instructors will need to provide their course IDs. Without course IDs, students will not be able to launch any course. Any instructors who do not know their course IDs should check with their colleagues first, especially if access codes have only been sent to a primary contact.

Students and instructors should also be on the lookout for further e-mails and additional CDX blog posts with links to resources, video tutorials, and guides that will help them start using their new CDX Online courseware.

In the meantime, you can check out the CDX Online Upgrade Guide for more information.

Have a more specific question or concern? Please contact us by email at, by phone at 866-244-4239, or online by clicking the button below. 

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