Could Virtual Reality Be the Future of Automotive Training?

Posted by Cassie Wright on Jan 21, 2019 2:24:00 PM
Cassie Wright

From high-performance PC experiences to free mobile apps, video games have become a large market with a wide influence. It’s no wonder, then, that the gaming industry is now looking at new technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to increase its market. 


Learning While Playing 

While plenty of parents are encouraging their kids to put down the games and pick up something more educational, game developers are also finding ways to bring real-life skills into the world of gaming.

This is the case for Wrench, an upcoming game that can be played on a PC or in virtual reality. Wrench reimagines the typical racecar video game by putting the player under the hood of the car instead of in the driver’s seat. As a virtual mechanic, players can choose their tools, modify parts, build engines, and ultimately manage a shop; it’s an interesting way to get a new generation of kids excited about working on cars! 


Increasing Technological Options

As virtual reality becomes more popular, education technology has started to take note, as well. Now, some VR and AR technologies offer cost-effective and hands-on training opportunities for classrooms.

Growing technological possibilities are exciting for technicians and students of all kinds. The above video from Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) shows how AR can be used in an app to teach students about pump repair and maintenance. 

If these resources expand to help students learn about dangerous high-voltage circuit testing or let them practice servicing newer technologies that aren’t widely available in a traditional automotive classroom, the auto shop training of the future will leave students well-prepared for automotive careers. From providing schools with access to updated resources to reducing safety risks for students, the possibilities are endless. 


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