Instructor Spotlight - Dane Tom

Posted by Amanda Banner on Dec 6, 2018 1:28:00 PM
Amanda Banner

Dane Tom has used CDX since 2001. He teaches at Roy High School in South Roy, Utah, where he uses Fundamentals of Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair Online. 

Dane uses Google Classroom to assign his students written assignments, which they complete with
the help of MLR Online. Dane frequently assigns readings from the online text and shows CDX videos in the classroom because he believes CDX is an excellent resource for finding information on a variety of topics.

“A lot of [my students] try to use Google search to try to find the information, but they find out that if
they listen to me, I tell them, ‘find it on CDX,’ they’ll find more information,” Dane says. 

Dane says he has stuck with CDX for 17 years because of its approach.

“I like the online capability. Even though I do know there are some other companies that have online, CDX...they primarily stay with automotive and concentrate on automotive,” he says. "So it makes what I teach better supported by what CDX has to offer.” 


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