CDX Instructor Spotlight - Gerald Simmons

Posted by Casey O'Brien on Sep 4, 2018 7:03:00 AM

Gerald Simmons of Kosciusko Vo-Tech in Kosciusko, Mississippi is a longtime user of CDX. He says,
“We’ve had CDX since 2002, the old versions when it was just the discs. We loved it. It was great for the

This year, however, Kosciusko Vo-Tech was certified by NATEF, so it adopted Fundamentals of
Maintenance and Light Repair and its online counterpart.

Gerald is quite happy with the update to the newer software. Fundamentals of Maintenance and Light
Repair “is absolutely the best teaching instrument you can have today” he says. “It keeps up with the
tasksheets, goes right along with the ASE MLR certifications, and it’s in smaller increments so the
students are not overwhelmed by it as they get involved in it and they complete the tasks.


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