Instructor Spotlight - Kevin Lawton

Posted by Amanda Banner on Jan 8, 2019 2:11:00 PM
Amanda Banner

Kevin Lawton JPEG

Kevin Lawton teaches at Bedford County Technical Center in Everett, Pennsylvania, where he uses Fundamentals of Automotive Technology Online

Kevin has used CDX for nearly seven years. He says his favorite part of using the program is that he "can easily assign assignments for the students to do during shop time, class time, or at home." 

More than anything, Kevin says, using CDX saves him time. 

"Time-wise, just helping with saving time, being able to quickly say, ‘hey, just do this number quiz, go in and complete it,’ and then the grading of it saves time. The test’s automatic grading [means] I don’t have to go in and manually grade it." 

When asked whether he would recommend CDX to other instructors, Kevin said, "Yes, I would for sure, and I have done it." 

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