Instructor Spotlight - Todd Kessler

Posted by Amanda Banner on Feb 4, 2019 2:34:00 PM
Amanda Banner

Todd Kessler, an automotive instructor at York County School of Technology in Pennsylvania, uses multiple CDX resources to give his students a personal classroom experience with a variety of materials. 


Todd's Classroom Technique 

Working with a class of 20-25 students, Todd begins by organizing the class into smaller groups. While he spends direct instruction time with one group, a second group focuses on student workbooks and a third works through a section of CDX Online.

“Every 15 minutes, we rotate through,” he says. “It gives me a chance to really dive deep with the kids and get a little bit more inclusion for them. Plus, they get the different ways of learning that way.”

This allows Todd to evaluate and re-evaluate his students on an individual level and move them around as needed.


Checking In On-the-Go 

Todd also keeps tabs on his students’ progress while he travels to conferences for his own development; CDX’s online component allows him to assign work and check on student progress from anywhere while he is out of town.

Each day, Todd checks to make sure students have completed their work.

“I’ve already sent out e-mails to parents that [students] have not completed their assignments,” he reveals. “So, it allows me to really keep track on what they’re doing in class while I’m gone.”

CDX makes the ASE accreditation process “a little bit simpler” for the two-instructor program of which Todd is a member.

“Our OAC committee likes CDX,” Todd says. “They enjoy what we’re doing. So that’s all that matters.”


To discover the materials Todd uses and learn how to implement them in your own classroom, request a free trial of CDX's materials today! 


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