Meet Ian Giddings: Your CDX Contact for Training Success

Posted by Cassie Wright on Nov 19, 2018 11:52:00 AM
Cassie Wright


How do we continue to ensure that CDX instructors and students are successful?

Meet Ian Giddings.

Ian joined CDX this fall as our new Digital Account Manager—a role dedicated to CDX training and ensuring our customers get the most out of teaching and learning with our products.

With a background in both technical training and customer success, Ian is eager to guide our customers to the best experience possible.

“Customers can feel comfortable coming to me with any concerns they have. If they have feedback on changes that they’re looking for, what isn’t working for them, we’d like to hear that just as much as what is.”

We’re excited to introduce you to some of the ways he’s hoping to help instructors and students succeed with CDX.

What does this mean for you?

Whether assisting with the onboarding process, providing support for training needs, or implementing solutions for technical issues, Ian’s role at CDX is focused on you—our customers. His goal is to make your job easier.

What is Ian working on?

Ian is building support resources, focused on your challenges, and improving the tools you use every day including:

  • Writing new support documentation and expanding our video training library
  • Offering regular training webinars, beginning in 2019
  • Traveling to conferences
  • Writing articles for the blog on different ways you can customize CDX to suit your needs

Listening to and representing your concerns as we continue to improve

Ian will work with you to make the best use of our online materials, find successful solutions for your classroom, and provide support for future updates and changes.

Check our Events page to find upcoming webinars hosted by Ian, along with our conference calendar. Meanwhile, if you would like to email him, you can reach him directly at igiddings(at)

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