Virtual and Hybrid Automotive Training: Form-Based Video Comprehension Assignment

Posted by Emma Limperis on Aug 17, 2021 12:00:00 PM


Struggling to come up with new and enriching content for hybrid automotive training or your virtual automotive classes?

We took the time to chat with CDX automotive training instructor and subject matter expert Lee Berger to hear about some of the creative ways he has been successfully running a hybrid classroom throughout this past year.

The biggest challenge in adapting to teaching virtually or implementing distance learning, Lee states, was “Trying to give [students] some kind of a meaningful shop or lab experience when they aren’t physically here.”

Tackling this challenge headfirst, Lee’s approach was to provide his hybrid automotive classes with substitute activities and exercises that still give students application and real-world reference to automotive training material, just as an in-person shop or lab experience would.

The exercise below, created by Lee, is designed to support a virtual classroom, work in a hybrid auto training setting, or supplement an online auto training program.

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Form-Based Video Comprehension Assignment

Virtual Activity

Hybrid Classroom Friendly

Tools Used



CDX Online


Film video and set up form or quiz

Quiz Grade


Assignment Format: Quiz or Form Response

Instructor Prep

For this activity, instructors first need to develop video content which students will be able to watch and answer appropriate questions about to determine their comprehension on the given subject. Depending on the specific level and experience of your students, your video can go in depth or leave things open ended for them to respond to during the next assignment.

Lee uses a GoPro to film and edits his video with Premiere Pro, but these days a quality video can be shot with a smart phone and basic edits can easily be made with the YouTube Video Editor.

Instructors then need to build a form or quiz that assesses the students' understanding of the content provided in the video. (Learn how to build a custom quiz with CDX Online.) These questions can be basic to gauge comprehension, or dig deeper and challenge students to provide opinions and offer solutions to possible obstacles they may face.


Once the video content is posted for the classroom to access, students will need to watch the video and provide responses on the corresponding form or quiz. One of the unique advantages of this assignment, Lee states, is that students “can't just Google the answers.” Students will have to watch, listen, and respond based on the specific car shown in the video.


Lee recommends setting up the quiz in a multiple-choice format so that questions will essentially grade themselves once students have responded. For any open response, instructor feedback and discretion can determine points and grading for this activity.


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